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Reassurance: Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance? Good question

I was so proud of myself when I bought my car all on my own. I mean, from start to finish. I saved the down payment, did all the research, shopped around, and negotiated a price all by myself. It was my first adult purchase and I felt pretty great about how much work I’d put in.

So why did I royally freak out when it was time to find insurance? After everything that I went through with the car, you would think finding coverage would have been no big deal for me. Here’s the problem: I forgot to budget for it. Like, for the months and months that I saved up for the car, I realized that I would need to also pay for insurance. Obviously. And then I got so excited when I was actually negotiating the price of my car that I totally forgot all about it.

Now, I had enough income every month to cover it but it would have to come out of other parts of my budget, like food and gas and other important stuff. Because I just forgot to factor it in. The only thing I could do was to re-budget and spread some things around.

Finding the cheapest auto insurance

Even after doing that, things were still a little tight. And then I had an idea.  I asked myself, who has the cheapest car insurance? That way, I didn’t have to make up too much of a difference. Getting leads on affordable companies was actually pretty easy. And thank goodness because I had to have this all figured out before I could take my car home! I mean, I didn’t want to drive it without insurance, right?

I decided to go with some very cheap car insurance no deposit needed; which I found here:

Anyway, when I finally figured it out, I was even more proud of myself. Like, I’d throw myself into a panic spiral because I felt so unprepared to handle finding decent, affordable insurance. Then, I figured it out. This might sound silly, but it made me feel even more confident about the decision to buy the car in the first place. Like, yeah! One more thing I figured out all by myself, I am so good at being a grown up.

Things have worked out pretty well! My budget was a little tight but I got an unexpected promotion a few weeks after I bought the car! So, all of my worries would have taken care of themselves anyway. But I’m kind glad they didn’t. The whole experience really made me feel pretty great. if I didn’t find some cheap car insurance with no deposit I may have been in trouble!

A Stroke of Luck: Very Cheap Car Insurance, No Deposit

Very Cheap Car Insurance, No Deposit – How I got lucky

I guess you could say I was really lucky that I got the car in the first place. My mom bought a new car and gave her old one to my older sister. So, my sister’s old car came to me. I didn’t really mind that it was a hand-me-down kind of situation. My sister has a kid and everything and I’m still in school so she needed the newer, more reliable car. I was just glad to finally have some wheels of my own.

Having a car when I was away at school opened up a lot of opportunities for me. First of all, my social life took off because I could actually venture off campus without begging for a ride or relying on the bus. People started begging me for rides but I didn’t mind. I was also able to get a much better job because now I had the opportunity to go off campus to find something that paid a little more than the work study I had been doing. I’d be fine with money once I went back to school and started working.

That was later, though, after I already worked out all the details. Before I could take it to school in the first place, I’d have to get insurance. And not just any insurance. Here’s what I needed: very cheap car insurance no deposit. I felt like that was asking a lot. I have to admit, I didn’t really have high hopes. I’d already worked out how I was going to butter up my mom to lend me the money, even if it meant I didn’t get any Christmas presents that year. Or the next one.

So who has the cheapest auto insurance?

I asked around. Most of my friends had a lot of great suggestions for companies to contact. I didn’t even bother to ask about a deposit because I just assumed that I’d have to pay one. Then one of the guys in my dorm just casually mentioned that his company didn’t even charge him a deposit. Everyone else chimed in that they didn’t have to pay one either.

I was stunned. I mean, I just assumed I was going to need a deposit. Looking back, though, I realized that no one ever told me that. I jumped to the conclusion that very cheap car insurance was like a unicorn or something. Turns out, it’s not as elusive as you might think.